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Security Officer Training

Security Officer Training

Private Security makes up more than 1 percent of the US gross national product and is growing at a staggering rate. The US Government estimates that it will grow 19 percent by the year 2018, which equates to over 195,000 new security industry jobs.

Private Security in this Country employs more officers than all law enforcement combined.

The Connecticut Department of Public Safety is in charge of registering and overseeing security guards and their training in the state of Connecticut.  Therefore, before you can begin work as a security guard you must first obtain a Security Officer Certification Identification Card.
State of Connecticut requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Never have been previously convicted of a felony

  • Be of good moral character

  • Complete an 8 hour training course by an approved instructor

Security Guard Training

Our initial Security Officer Certification course not only meets, but, exceeds the requirements set forth by the State of Connecticut. 
All of Prepare To Act instructors are certified by the State of Connecticut and are active Law Enforcement Officers. 
Classes are forming now and registration is on-going, email or call today for course information.  Check our calendar for a list of all upcoming and future courses.

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