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Fire Safety

Fire Facts

Households can expect to have a home fire on the average of one every 15 years or 5 in an average lifetime. Most will be small fires resulting in little or no damage and will not be reported to a Fire Department, but even a minor fire can still result in some temporary anxiety.

Your household has a 1 in 4 chance of having a large enough fire which requires Fire Department assistance.

Most of fire related deaths happen in the home. Deaths from fires and burns are the third leading cause of fatal home injuries. And most fire related deaths occur while you are sleeping and during winter months.

In 2010, fire departments responded to an estimated 1,331,500 fires. These fires resulted in:

  • Home fires accounted for 2,640, or 85%, of 3,210 civilian fire fatalities

  • 17,720 civilian fire injuries

  • Estimated $11,593,000,000 in direct property loss

  • There is a civilian fire death every 169 minutes and an injury every 30 minutes

  • Most victims of fires die from smoke and toxic gases and not from burns

  • Smoking is the leading cause of fire-related deaths

  • Cooking is the primary cause of residential fires

Home Fire Safety Inspection

Your household has a 1 in 4 chance of having a large enough fire which requires Fire Department assistance. In the event of a fire, remember that every second counts, so you and your family must always be prepared. It is important that a fire safety inspection program be an integral part of the total fire safety program in your home.

With this program we will;

  • Educate on common hazards in the home;

    • Careless use of candles, smoking materials, matches, etc.

    • Review electrical installations.

    • Flammable liquids hazards & storage.

    • Heating systems and appliances

  • Life safety education including;

    • Exit & escape routes.

    • Fire drill planning.

    • Smoke alarm & carbon monoxide detectors.

    • Poisons.

  • Fire extinguisher education.

  • And much more.

At the end of the inspection, you will be provided a Safety Survey Sheet with recommendations provided by your inspector.

After initial inspection is complete, a follow up inspection is encouraged.


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