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Child Identification Kits

Prepare to Act offers our original Child Identification Kits as a free service to any family that wants to take the extra step in protecting their children. We will take your child's fingerprints and a DNA sample that can help in many ways in various situations. Call for an appointment.


Safety Tips To Prevent Against Child Abduction

  • Don’t send children out alone to run errands.

  • Avoid allowing your child to play outside unless he or she is within view or an adult is outside with the child. Children should not be outside after dark.

  • If a child is ever out without an adult, make sure it is in pairs or groups. A lone child is an easy target for abductors.

  • Develop a relationship with other neighbors so that you are mutually looking out for one another’s children when they get off the bus or are walking home from school. If possible, take turns walking the kids to and from the bus stop so someone is with them at all times.

  • Teach your kids that there is safety in numbers so they should always be with a friend or an adult.

  • Tell your kids to always stay out in open spaces. Do not cut down alleys, across fields or in areas that are not well-lit.

  • Clearly define who a stranger is to your children. Tell them that the only time they should talk to strangers is if they have an adult with them who says it is ok.

  • Review some of the lures that abductors use with your children.  For instance, many times an abductor may say, “My puppy is lost. Can you help me look for him?” or “Your mommy has been injured. She sent me to pick you up and take you to the hospital to see her.”

  • If someone in an unmarked car says they are a policeman, tell your child to find an adult and check with them before going with the “officer”.

  • Make sure kids do not walk toward any cars to talk to someone. It is easy to reach out and grab the child even if the child would otherwise not have gone with the individual.

  • Tell your kids that if anyone approaches them, always call the police to report it. The abductor may follow the child home if they know they are going home to an empty house.

  • It is a good idea not to get into the habit of having too many people picking up your child at school or practice. If you are going to have someone picking them up, always tell them who is picking them up and that they are not to get in the car with anyone other than that person.

  • Teach your child that if he or she is ever lost to find someone who is working at the event or in a nearby business to help them find their parents. A police officer on duty at the event would be the best person to find.

  • Tell children that they should always hold your hand or stay close by when you are out in public.

Fingerprinting Services

Prepare to Act offers fingerprinting services for all towns around Connecticut except those being submitted to Watertown Police Department. The cost of the prints are $20.00 per person. We offer discounts for those who have taken one of our pistol permit classes. Mobile fingerprinting services are available for businesses. We can come out to your business and take care of prints for all your employees at one time. 

Finger Prints

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